What is Quilted Fabric | Characteristic and It’s Combination

What is Quilted Fabric

What Is Quilted Fabric and It’s Combination

Cotton is a material which has many kinds of weights. Tahoe are the thick flannels up to a Light lawn. That is why; someone can create various clothes from summer collection up to heavy winter wear.

If you want to, cotton could be quilted with some other materials such as knots. However, you use to stabilize it by interfacing. The aim is for maintaining the shape.

Furthermore, there are some principals to understand. It is especially if you use quilting as a technique to create several Crafts or home decor products.

First of all, don’t forget to use a layered foam to form the reliefs with certain motifs. This one is recommended to create some patterns or shapes easily.

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Pattern could be drawn first above any fabrics. It is recommended to use pencil when drawing the lines since it is easy to erase. It could be processed then.

What is Quilted Fabric

Many Products Which Could Be Made

Based on what is quilted fabric description above, you are able to guess some kinds of goods which are made from this material, right? Various products could be created.

Those are like a blanket, baby’s sleeping bed, puffer jacket, tissue box, pillow cover, and many more again. The textile will give a smooth feeling and warm at the same time.

Many motifs and patterns are available, but if you want to quilt in a plain area, it is better to use a shining material such as satin. This may give a relief effect inline with what is quilted fabric explanation.

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