What is Minky Fabric? (Texture, Pile Length, and Quality)

To answer the question about what is minky fabric, this fabric is synthetic, hypoallergenic fabric. Made from 100% polyester fibers, comes in many colors and textures. This is a knit fabric, which gives a fur-like texture on the top side. This minky fabric sometimes called mink fabric is very warm.

Originally used for babies’ products because it’s soft and warm yet lightweight. But now it’s also popular for all ages. Not only for baby products but also for household items like pillows, fur-like throw blankets, or the backing of the quilt. It also can be used for warm clothing.

Texture, Pile Length, and Quality

The top side of the minky fabric has a fur-like texture, which is soft and warm. Sometimes comes with raised patterns such as dots or lines, and even rose-like patterns. The fibers’ length is usually short.

The pile length of the fibers can give a different feel of warmth. The longer surface fibers will trap more air so it will feel warmer. This is often used as linings for warm apparel or accessories, it will look like luxurious animal fur.

The good quality of minky fabric will retain its soft smooth surface, but it will be more expensive. But the less expensive varieties may pill, so you should be careful if it is used for babies products or toys.

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What is Minky Fabric

Working with Minky Fabric

Now you understand what is minky fabric and how it is usually used. Working with mink fabric needs more understanding that this fabric has a slight stretch because of its knitted construction.

This stretch makes mink fabric comfortable to wear, but this could make a problem when sewing it. So, here are a few tips to prevent it from stretching out of shape.

1. Preparation and Care

Preparing minky fabric to work usually by washing it first. Especially if you are using other kinds of fabric that may shrink. So, wash it all first before you start working on it.

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