What is Organza Fabric | The Unique Characteristics of It

What is organza fabric? It is a lightweight, sheer, and plain-woven type of fabric that was originally made from silk. This material can also be made from other synthetic fibers, polyester, and nylon. This type of fabric is also very delicate ad prone to fractures.

If you see a fabric that has small holes on its surface, it’s most likely Organza. The space between the warp and weft in the plain-weave pattern makes this a type of quality that is transculent and better quality compared to others.

The number of holes per inch indicates which type of organza is better too. This organza originates from China and is now produced in various special places in the world, such as Italy and France. But for the silk material, is still brought from China for the best quality.

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Organza fabric can be made by machine, but there are also better qualities that are made by hand. In the world of fashion, these are widely used as women’s dressing gowns. So don’t be surprised when you see organza fabric with stunning items.

What is Organza Fabric

What Is Organza Fabric Characteristics?

Organza is also a fabric that is extensively used by designers to make dresses, gowns, party dresses, skirts, and many other items for women. But from all these items, do you know what the special characteristics of this type of material are?

  1. Transparency

The first characteristic we will discuss is transparency. This is a transparent material, and you can see through the small holes. That is also the reason that people who wear organza fabrics wear underwear.

  1. Thinness

What is organza fabric is known for its thin. The yarns are twisted very tight before weaving and that is also what makes this fabric look transparent. For woven with the intent, the fabric will reflect a thinner thickness than other types of fabric.

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