What Is Corduroy Fabric and All of the Making Process

What is corduroy fabric is relatively common and is often heard as corduroy, corded velveteen, or pincon. The composition of this fabric is cotton, cotton blend, wool, and fully synthetic product with medium wale variations from 1.5 to 21.

Corduroy fabric defines as a crinkled and durable fabric that makes this material more varied. Corduroy is getting more and more famous for its ridged pattern with a variety of widths. This can also be made with cotton and polyester to form a fabric called corduroy.

First emerged from the surface during the kingdom of Egypt in 200 AD. Today, it has become one of the most popular types of fabric, even though it only started to be widely produced in the 18th century. The target is also the working class and above.

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Corduroy fabric has become something trendy in the fashion industry in the 20th century. There are several types to choose from, namely standard corduroy, elephant cord, pinwale corduroy, and Bedford cord. And what makes it special there are several main factors.

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What is Corduroy Fabric Making Process?

What makes it seems so special is that it’s less stretchy but still breathable. Pilling also depends on the material mixed with corduroy. In general, corduroy is one type of fabric with a high level of warmth, although it has to be adjusted again with blended materials.

Application and usage of corduroy are for shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, cushions, shoes, and wallets. But there are also some uses in terms of home-furnishing because of its advantages. But are you also curious about how this fabric is produced?

  1. Weaving

The process of making corduroy varies but always starts with the weaves technique first. This consists of weft threads with special approaches. This textile that will be produced also has ridges with primary over and under wrap cutting.

  1. Glueing

After the sewing base is there, it is followed by glue which will be applied to the back of the woven fabric. What is corduroy fabric has to do with something strong even after being pulled hard, and it’s all about the gluing process.

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