What is Rayon Fabric | Pros and Cons of Fabric You Should Know

You’ve tried many types of fabric but still don’t know what is rayon fabric. This disappoints many people because you can’t be clueless about the material you’re using, and you also have to know how to transform it into something useful.

Are you someone who enjoys the developments and trends in clothes? This means that you have been a part of the development of the fabric industry until now. Furthermore, you will get more critical information only from the industry.

Because the opinion of people who like the development of fabric will be accommodated and become the development of the industry, however, if you are not a fan of this, it’s never too late to start learning about the fabric point of view now.

These days, there are more and more people who love the development of this fabric. One of them is about Rayon fabric, which is one of the things that must be considered when buying or talking about clothes. There are also many items produced from this type of fabric.

Process of Rayon Fabric and Transform to the Fabric

Process of Rayon Fabric and Transform to the Fabric

Rayon Fabric is a fiber made from wool pulp and generated from plant cellulose. The yarn produced by this fabric makes the industry have a type of fabric that is soft, durable, and rich in appearance. And because of that, the designations have become more varied.

Historically speaking, Rayon Fabric became famous in 1846 and began to become one of the most popular in 1911 under the names artificial silk, scientific silk, and others. And since then, what is rayon fabric has been produced in this way:

  1. Dissolving the Raw Materials

The manufacturer will start manufacturing Rayon Fabric starting from Raw Material. What will be used is wood pulp and put it into alkaline cellulose. Some add caustic soda and start the process of impurities until they become properties

  1. Convert It into Filaments

Next, what is rayon fabric will be made by converting it to filaments. Solidifying the rayon fabric uses cellulose filament, which will run for quite a long time. Usually, this process is carried out on a large scale.

  1. Spinning the Filaments

After the filament conversion, the manufacturer will also solidify the filament with spinning methods. These methods make the results more stretchy and dry. Spinning the filaments is also done at a higher degree so that the filaments can be more solid.

  1. Post Treatment

Once solid later, the Rayon Fabric will appear and can become your property. But the process is not finished yet, because additional treatment must be carried out to produce the best fabric. The treatments are water and fire resistance and pre-shrinking.

  1. Sewing Process

What is rayon fabric will continue with the sewing process, especially for those who want to make the fabric as clothes? Sewing process must also use a particular fiber. So this does not make the fabric quickly shrink or damage other materials.

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Pros of Rayon Fabric, So You Can Consider It

What is Rayon Fabric

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