What is Quilted Fabric | Characteristic and It’s Combination

Do you want to know what is quilted fabric? This textile has many kinds of colord, styles, weights, and also materials. They come with the stylistic qualities and practical as well.

Basically it is a fabric which is made from two layers where these layers are created from outer materials. The results are a durable and thick kind of textile for any purposes.

Since it has many types of wadding, the heat level or retention is also not the same. They have the different thickness level and weight. There is One more thing about these types of fabric.

You will see that The final result has the square weave formation, right? It is because every quilt blocks are made carefully to form the precise and structured result.

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What is Quilted Fabric

What is the Best Material to Use?

The major characteristic of this textile is it doesn’t easy to stretch. In the other side, it also stable. That is why; the sewing process is Quite easy and the clean cuts could be formed.

Doing a cutting and also sewing with grain is better. It may keep the completed blocks are more stable than before. Besides that, warping can be prevented over time.

As a part of what is quilted fabric explanation, make sure to know the best material to apply. Many people said that cotton comes as the first list. What are the reasons?

Cotton is a natural fabric which is breathable. This characteristic will give you a more convenient feeling. Then, it cannot be easily stretched that makes it is day to sew.

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Besides that, you may maintain The shape easily over time. The good thing is that cotton is able to receive colors better and will not fade easily even after several usages.

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