What is a Poplin Fabric Here are the Things You Need to Know

The name came originally from France and goes back to the 19th century. When women needed a more practical and budget-friendly option of fabric that felt comfortable and looked good without restricting their surroundings. What is a poplin fabric today?

Today, poplin fabric is made of many fibers but the most common types are cotton or cotton-poly blend. You can find poplin fabric in daily and haute couture attire. Here are things you need to know about poplin fabric:

What is a Poplin Fabric

What Made Poplin Fabric?

The character of poplin fabric is its tightly closed weave and distinctive ribbed texture. The poplin fabric today is primarily made from 100% real cotton. That’s why the fabric is lightweight but still has strength.

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There are other variations as well, such as silk, satin, wool, rayon, and polyblend. But the basic concept is still the same: the plain weave consists of two yarns of different thicknesses.

The result is a thin and cool fabric, with an easy drape. But still durable and quite sturdy. A good combination for a fabric.

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Characteristics of Poplin Fabric

Like any kind of fabric, poplin also has its traits, advantages, and disadvantages. What is a poplin fabric’s characteristic, here is the list:

  • Poplin fabric is a breathable material. That is why it is used for sportswear. It is lightweight and can be worn without feeling too hot.
  • Comfortable and soft fabric, but durable. You can move freely.
  • Has a lustrous sheen, but is not too shiny for formal events.
  • Water and stain resistant, which makes it look polished and can survive spills.
  • Crease resistant. Good for pants or skirts that you wear all day.
  • Easy maintenance. It can be washed by machine, even with 60 degrees hot water. You can iron it in warm heat or even dry clean it.
  • Easy to print or color dye.
  • Since the fabric is thin, it will not be suitable for cool weather. It does not lock in heat.
  • Inexpensive due to its blend with cotton-poly. But silk poplin is still the most expensive of the bunch.
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What is a Poplin Fabric

What is Poplin Fabric Used for?

In the 19th century, poplin fabric was used as upholstery and daily attire. Then in World War II, the poplin was used as the uniforms of military personnel. Because it’s durable in any condition but still comfortable to wear.

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