32+ Types of Cotton Fabric for Any Kind of Uses

Cotton is the most widely used fabric around the world. This fabric is strong, absorbent, and in its pure state, it does not contain any kind of additives. Types of cotton fabric can be used to make a huge range of different kinds of fabrics.

Types of Cotton Fabric

Types of Raw Cotton

Cotton comes from cotton trees, then it is put through various cleaning and spun processes. After that, it was made into yarn to weave cotton fabric. 75% of the world’s clothing is made from cotton. Either pure or blended with other kinds of fibers. The types of raw cotton are:

Types of Cotton Fabric

Short staple Rough cotton which used for daily use.
Long staple Smoother and softer cotton to wear.
Extra-long staple Luxurious and soft type cotton that is the most comfortable to wear.

There are two types of cotton in extra-long-staple, both already verified scientifically to prove the high quality and standard:

Egyptian cotton has the longest fiber cotton and is the most luxurious.
Pima cotton is the hard-wearing durable cotton grown mostly in the US.

Types of Cotton by Weight

Different weights of cotton will produce different types of cotton fabric. There are several categories of weight, from lightweight, medium, and heavyweight. Also the grades in-between. The weight of the fabric also influences its cleaning procedures.

1. Lightweight Fabric Cotton

Types of Cotton Fabric

There are 12 types of lightweight cotton, some of them are blended with other kinds of fibers. This kind of fabric is usually used for clothing, especially children’s wear.

Broderie Anglaise Or eyelet, because of the cut-out embroidered holes. This is pure cotton or cotton mix but light to the touch. Machine washable and needs warm heat iron on the backside.
Cheesecloth Has a loosely woven, rough texture finish. Needs handwashing and warm heat iron.
Crinkle cotton or crepon Known for the creased effect of the fabric. Machine washable then left to dry.
Gingham A hard-wearing fabric, weave with white and color to make the checked pattern. This fabric is machine washable.
Lawn cotton Plain, crisp, and smooth. Needs gentle wash dan warm iron.
Madras cotton Light and delicate fabric that creases easily. Needs handwashing and high heat iron.
Muslin Unbleached plain, long, and loose weave fabric. Machine washable and needs cool iron.
Poly cotton This is a blend of polyester and cotton. Easy to care for and sewa up well.
Seersucker Woven with strips of plain fabric and puckered fabric to crease to give a seersucker effect. Machine wash with cold water and no need for ironing.
Shirting cotton Woven in stripes or checks, and machine washable.
Silk cotton Combines soft drape of silk with cotton weave. Wash it with a gentle hand or machine wash. Can be dry cleaned, and needs warm heat iron on the backside.
Voile This is a see-through fabric, may be plain or printed, and very soft. Needs a gentle wash and a cool iron.
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2. Medium-weight Fabric Cotton

Types of Cotton Fabric 19

Types of cotton fabric with medium-weight consist of 14 types of fabric. These types are more familiar since they are more widely used for clothing or everyday uses like furnishings.

Brushed Cotton Usually called flannel that has a soft surface.
Calico This is a coarse fabric with a plain weave. Machine washable and also needs a hot iron.
Chambray This hard-wearing fabric is also machine washable. Needs a hot iron.
Chino Also called drill. Machine washable in hot water and needs a hot iron.
Chintz Usually used for soft furnishings. Needs dry cleaning and warm heat iron at the backside.
Cotton Velvet Has a silky pile and brushes smoothly in one direction. Needs dry cleaning and warm iron on the backside.
Damask Has a satin weave mixed with cotton to create patterns, and also has a slight shine because of the satin. Needs dry cleaning and warm iron on the backside.
Jersey Cotton knit, stretch fabric, and also machine washable.
Linen Made up of equal parts of fabrics. It can feel a bit rough on the skin. Machine washable in hot water and needs a hot iron.
Moleskin Has a fine nap on one side that creates a soft brushed texture. Machine washable and needs warm heat iron on the backside.
Poplin Tightly woven fabric, easy to sew, and also very versatile. Machine washable, and should be pressed with a pressing cloth and a hot iron.
Quilting Cotton Also called patchwork or craft cotton. Machine washable and needs a warm iron.
Satin Has a smooth texture and shiny looks on the top. Machine washable and needs warm heat iron on the backside.
Ticking This is a strong twill weave type. Machine washable and hot iron on the backside while it is still damp.
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3. Heavy-weight Fabric Cotton

Types of Cotton Fabric 16

Types of cotton fabric also come with 4 widely used heavy-weight types. Easily used for more hard-wearing items, such as:

Canvas A plain weave and durable cotton. It is very strong for outdoor items. Machine washable and needs a hot iron while still damp.
Corduroy Known for the ribs or cords in the weave, known as wales. This is a warm fabric with the ridges running lengthwise. Machine washable and warm to hot heat iron on the backside.
Denim Used for hard-wearing items because it is durable. Machine washable. But the color may run so it is better to wash it separately.
Towelling The uncut loops of thread on the surface make it very absorbent. Machine washable and needs a hot iron.

There are many types of cotton fabric available for any purpose. The reason is the characteristics of cotton itself. Which are absorbent, easy to care for, comfortable, and can be mixed with other fibers.

Meta description: types of cotton fabric has many different kinds depending on the weight. From light to heavy-weight, they have many uses and many kinds of purposes.

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