What Is Lycra Fabric | Is It Really Good Like What Being Said?

What is lycra fabric you may recognize it as Spandex or Elastane. This is a fully synthetic fiber that has become a type of fabric that is quite popular throughout the world. Even compositionally, this is the type of fabric that you can choose for long-term use.

Lycra is the brand name for Elastane, and more specifically, these are synthetic fabrics used from polyester and nylon. In appearance, it is suitable for organic composition and the components in it make it a heat-resistant type of fabric and quite elastic.

Indeed, this type of synthetic fiber fabric offers higher stretchability than other types of fabric. It was first introduced in 1958 and has now become a very popular type of fabric for applications such as sleepwear and shapewear.

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By type, there are several lycra fabrics, which are made of cotton, nylon, and wool. All these materials must meet the characteristics of Lycra Fabric, which are flexible and durable. Now, all you need to know is how to make and treat it.

What Is Lycra Fabric and How Does Lycra Fabric Be Made?

You may have heard of the lycra fabric because it has a cool appearance, consists of any static issue, is durable, and is easy to handle. But the initial information that should not be left behind in the discussion is how exactly this what is lycra fabric is made.

Lycra was invented by Joe Shiver in 1958 and uses rubber to increase the elasticity. But because it was made in an era where there were still many wars, rubber became quite rare because it was prioritized for military purposes.

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