What is Gabardine Fabric | What Is It Really Used For?

Does the question of “What is gabardine fabric” ever come to your mind? Furthermore, are you curious about what this cloth can actually do? In general, you will understand more about gabardine fabric and how it can be used.

Gabardine or Gaberdine, these are actually 2 different things, and you have to remember that the cloth one is Gabardine. It is a popular type of fabric in the textile industry. Known the stands out for the beauty and detail of this type of garment.

Historically speaking, this type of fabric is a response from manufacturers who were asked to produce a larger number of garments for the mid-season. With soft and elegant colors, this is a technical point that makes these types of fabric look more extraordinary.

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There are 2 types of gabardine, namely combed wooll and fabric. Both remain elegant and resistant. Even for those who are curious about its function, gabardine is often used for everyday wear, particularly in Europe because of its extraordinary quality.

What is Gabardine Fabric

What is Gabardine Fabric Really Used For?

Depending on your initial purpose in buying this type of fabric, you can find out what you really need by finding out its specific function. Even if you are looking for flannel fabric, there are still several categorizations according to function.

It has been very popular in recent years and has now become a type of fabric that is not only for regular use but for exclusive use as well. And for the use of gabardine fabric, what does it really used for in general include:

  1. Casual Wear

What is Gabardine Fabric

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