What is a Pique Fabric: The Origins, Types, and Characteristics

Pique fabric is one of the fabrics for making polo shirts. This is because this fabric is durable, breathable, has a texture, and is of premium quality. If you want to know more about what is a pique fabric, this article will tell you about it.

Moreover, various types of clothing also use this fabric material. Although in general, the types of these fabrics vary, their uses are also different. The following is a review of what is a pique fabric, its origins, and characteristics that you should know:

What is a Pique Fabric

The Origins of Pique

In the 18th century, the Lancashire cotton industry created the pique fabric. At that time, the name of the origin of this fabric was Marcella. The name of the technique for making this fabric is mechanical engineering or weaving a double fabric with an enclosed cording weft.

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Originally, the industry wanted to imitate blankets made in Marseille and Provence. However, this fabric became the main material in men’s clothing.

What is a Pique Fabric?

Dobby loom attachment is the process of making pique fabric. Usually, this fabric is woven or knitted and has a subtle ribbing or cording pattern. Therefore, this fabric is an airy weave and provides additional ventilation.

Then, pique fabric has a medium weight because some of its materials use a mixture of cotton and polyester. Therefore, this fabric is perfect for a knitted polo shirt that you can wear in the warm summer months.

Pique Fabric also produces polo shirts that are more formal than polo jerseys. This is because this fabric is durable, and has dimension, and texture. So, when you want to dress more formally without wearing a shirt, you can choose pique fabric.

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