What Is Ticking Fabric and Why It Is Important to Know

Are you one of the many people who are looking for information on what is ticking fabric? If so, maybe the discussion that we will bring this time can answer all your questions about this textile.

The development of technology also makes the development of more and more fabrics and consists of various types. The manufacturing process is also increasingly diverse, some are woven, knitted, and many others.

Maybe some of you have heard the word this cloth for the first time and don’t know what is ticking fabric. Even though in addition to its advantages, this material is also often used by designers to make various kinds of works ranging from clothes to home furniture.

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Fabric has become one of the main needs that must be owned by all humans. Because without it, clothes that can protect our bodies from various things will never be created, such as sunlight, cold winds, and many others.

One of example is this types of fabric namely ticking with its own characteristics and advantages that distinguish it from other fabrics. Even so, this material is not as popular as cotton, wool, silk, and so on.

What Is Ticking Fabric

What Is Ticking Fabric?

This textile is a classic and functional woven cloth that is suitable for use in various types of products, from clothing to upholstery for your home furniture. This textile gives a classic impression by displaying a pattern of stripes in a slightly dull color.

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The choice of colors makes it look so simple but still elegant. So it is suitable for use in various home furniture products such as sofas, pillows, blankets, curtains, and many others.

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