What Is Interlock Fabric | Fabric Description, Uses and Guide

Many clothing manufacturers use interlock fabric because it can be used for various types of clothing. If you want to use it also for your sewing projects, you need to know what is interlock fabric.

You also need to know what it is made of, its properties, and how to care for it properly. So, if you want to know more about interlock fabric, here is the review:

What Is Interlock Fabric?

This fabric is a variation of the rib knit. However, unlike regular rib knit, which only has one row of stitches, this fabric has two rows of stitches.

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The rows of stitches are made one behind the other, using two rows of needles crossing each other to create them. Moreover, many people know it as a double-knit fabric because it has two rows of stitches.

Although they look similar, they are different from single jersey fabrics because they have two rows of stitches. In addition, the fabric feels very tight and thicker than regular knit fabric because they have double rows interlock.

Even so, the texture is still smooth and soft. Overall, this fabric is very comfortable and you can use it for various things.

What Is Interlock Fabric

What Is Interlock Fabric Made Of?

Fabric companies make these fabrics from synthetic fibers as well as natural fibers. However, to produce the maximum characteristics, such as softness and breathability, you can use natural fibers.

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Silk, wool, and cotton are some of the most common natural fibers for making interlock fabrics. Or, many fabric manufacturers make interlock fabrics using rayon, polyester, or modal. However, it is not as common as cotton and wool.

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