What Is Interlock Fabric | Fabric Description, Uses and Guide

Meanwhile, wool interlocks have warm fabric characteristics making them perfect for winter. While the most popular interlock knit fabric is using cotton material because it is versatile and you can use it for a variety of clothing choices.

In addition, the interlock fabric that uses 100% cotton is very environmentally friendly. Then, cotton is comfortable for you to use, soft, and breathable.

You can also use it for summertime clothing and it can give it a warmer quality if you brush it. So, cotton interlock fabric is suitable for both cold and hot weather clothes.

Interlock Fabric Properties

There are many benefits if you use an interlock cloth. For example, this fabric is thicker than other fabrics but is suitable for all seasons, both summer and winter. Then, the surface is smooth, and very comfortable if you use it for baby clothes or pajamas.

Compared to other knitted fabrics, interlock fabric does not roll so you can use it for formal wear though. Then, this fabric also looks the same on both sides so that it is easier for you to use it for various types of clothes.

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What Is Interlock Fabric

What Is Interlock Fabric Used For?

As you know, you can use this fabric for various types of clothing, such as casual or more formal clothes. Then, the interlock fabric is also ideal for all temperatures, both hot and cold.

Thickness, softness, absorbency, and comfort are some of the factors that determine what interlock fabric you can use. Some of the most common uses of this fabric are as follows:

  • Underwear and pajama. This fabric has the voluminous structure of interlock knitted fabric so it can absorb sweat well.
  • Baby clothes. Interlock fabric is popular for its softness making it perfect for baby clothes that emphasize softness and comfort.
  • This fabric is quite warm than other single yarn knit fabrics.
  • T-shirt and dresses. This is because the interlock fabric is very comfortable when you wear it.
  • This fabric has good absorbency, breathability, and natural stretch.

How to Care for Interlock Knits Fabric

If you want your clothes made of interlock fabric to last a long time, you have to take care of them the right way. The following are some tips on how to care for interlock fabric so that it is durable and does not shrink easily:

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1. Do The Pre-Wash

Many fabric companies make interlock fabric from cotton so they shrink when you wash them. So, before you try to use it, do the pre-wash. This can help you figure out what state it will be before you use it for your sewing project.

2. Wash It Using Cold Water And Gentle Cycle

The cotton interlock fabric can shrink if you wash it with hot water. So, wash the interlock cloth using cold water on a gentle cycle. This method can keep it in good shape.

3. Dry With Low Heat

To dry it, you can put it in the dryer. However, you should dry it on low heat to prevent shrinkage that can occur in the interlock fabric. If you have wool interlocks, you are better off hanging them to dry than using a dryer.

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