How to Remove Screen Printing From a Shirt, Check It Out!

Most of the shirts people wear are screen printed. Some people did not like to wear a shirt. Hence, they try to find out how to remove screen printing from a shirt.

Screen printing of a shirt is quite normal. One can easily find this shirt in clothing stores. Sometimes, they can find it on the traditional market at a cheaper price.

Why did People want to Remove Screen Printing?

One of the reasons they had to do away with screen printing was that it would reduce the aesthetic value. A screen-printed shirt gradually comes off. It will make the shirt’s appearance worse.

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Besides the aesthetic point, people want to remove the print so that the screen printing will be fixed. Frequent typographical errors are typographical errors, changing jersey numbers, or disappearing typographical symbols.

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Ways to Remove the Screen Printing

Some people did not know how to remove the screen printing from their shirts. Here, there are ways to solve it. Follow it below to learn more about removing the print:

1. Use the Nail Polish Remover or Acetone

How to Remove Screen Printing From a Shirt 3

Nail Polish Remover is an item that is useful for removing nail polish. It has a chemical called acetone. The chemical easily dissolves manicures and even ink.

Before using acetone as a remover, kindly remember to follow the safety procedures for avoiding injury properly. Then, follow the instructions to start removing the screen printing in the shirt.

  • First, check and determine the type of shirt. If the shirt is 50% polyester or contains tough cotton-like denim, just skip this method.
  • If the shirt was newly struck by the print, wash it with cold water first. It can loosen the ink that contains in the sticker or print.
  • Prepare the cotton ball and Nail Polish Remover, then carefully soak the cotton ball with liquid.
  • Dab a dampened cotton ball on an inconspicuous area of the design.
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2. Use Spotting Fluid

How to Remove Screen Printing From a Shirt

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