What is Polyester Fabric, Advantages and Various Types it Had

What is polyester fabric? It maybe become your question because this textile material is quite easy to find. It is commonly used for various clothes and many more again.

You could say that it is so popular to be applied on the mode, interior, and design industry. Basically, it is different than other materials such as cotton, silk, and woll.

It is because they use the natural fiber. Meanwhile, polyester is a types of fabric which is known as the artificial clothes. That is why; someone has to know it’s characteristic first.

Although it is artificial, it has been used by thousand consumers and different industries out there. One of them for completing the home interior or another kind of property.

What is Polyester Fabric

What is Polyester Fabric?

Actually it is a common term for clothes or textile which is made by using yarn or polyester fabric. That material is made from the chemical substances namely ethylene glycol, and terephthalic acid.

These are combined with polyethylene terephathalate (PET) of petroleum origin. Actually, this fiber was firstly found before 1939 in W H Carothers laboratory.

After that, it was developed by a group of scientists such as Whitfield, Dickson, C G Ritchie, and W K Birtwhistle. In 1941, they created the first polyester fiber which was known as terylene.

It has been answered the what is polyester fabric and it’s longs history. Then in 1951, this material was introduced to public where people said that as a magic fiber.

The reason is that it can be wore for 68 days and still looks neat. In fact, it is not only used as a textile need. The first form of polyester is crystal liquid which is applied in the industrial need.

The examples are for The heat resistant layer and jet machine protector. So, the explanation above must be telling us properly about what is polyester fabric.

Types of Polyester Fabric Material

Types of Polyester Fabric Material

Not all people know that this clothe is divided into three different types. They have some differences for sure and here is the further explanation for you.

  1. PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate

Types of Polyester Fabric

This first type is commonly used for making the final clothes that we wear every day. The ethylene glycol which is extracted from the earth oil is mixed with Terephthalic acid.

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Then, antimony catalyst is used and it has a quick time to produce it. For making them into a fabric, the material is vacuumed in a high temperature within the hollow area.

  1. PCDT or poly 1.4 – Cyclohexylene Dimethylene Terephthalate

Types of Polyester Fabric

After revealing about what is polyester fabric, you have to understand about PCDT material too. This one is more elastic than the PET above where they have a different usage as well.

PCDT is usually used as a base material for textile fabric, especially for curtain and furniture cover. It will protect those goods properly.

  1. The synthetic yarn

Types of Polyester Fabric

Synthetic yarn can be used to create other similar yarns. Some types of materials used to make this types are filamentous, spun yarns, and textured threads.

They go through a special process called thread twisting. Then this process creates a polyester material. This synthetic fabric has a look that is more similar to natural fabrics than other types kinds.

Types of Polyester Materials

Besides revealing what is polyester fabric, this time we also want to inform that this fabric also has some kinds of materials. Some of them are the mixture with another type.

The examples are like cotton and silk. To understand more about that, you may read the explanation below:

  1. Woven

Types of Polyester Fabric

Woven looks like having a rough material. However, when you touch it, it will feel smooth. This material is made from polyester knitted which is used for clothing labels.

  1. PE

What is Polyester Fabric 1

This one uses 100% pollyester without being mixtured with any materials. Generally, it used to make the clothes for mass production because the production cost is lower than cotton.

  1. Lacoste CVC Pique

Types of Polyester Fabric

This material is a mixture with cotton. Its characteristics are a combination of the two, which has good sweat absorption like cotton and is also durable at the same time.

  1. Lacoste PE Pique

Types of Polyester Fabric

Based on what is polyester fabric explanation, you must know about this one too. It is commonly used for the collar t-shirt or it is also known as polo model.

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The Characteristics of Polyester

The Characteristics of Polyester

Somehow maybe you want to this materials for any purposes. For that case, make sure to know the characteristics first. Read this to gain more information about the typical characteristic.

  1. Durable

This textile is more durable than the other materials. That is why; someone can wear it longer. It means that you can get the types of durable clothes without needed to low down the fiber condition or quality.

  1. Hydrophobic

Based on the explanation of what is polyester fabrics, you should note that this material I’d hydrophobic and easy to be dried. It is even though this clothe is wet because.of water or rain.

  1. Not easy to wrinkle

This clothe is rarely subjected to wrinkles, although it is used many times. With this ability, it does not look dirtyl when used frequently. Therefore, itis a favorite choice to be used as a T-shirt material.

  1. Can withstand your body mass

It has strong fibers, so clothes with this material will retain heat from the body. With the ability to store heat, it is often used to make winter special wear or mountain wear up to sport shirts.

The Advantages of Polyester Material

The Advantages of Polyester Material

Besides finding the answer of what is polyester fabric, people also want to know about the advantages. Actually, it is not easy to absorb the water so that quite difficult to get any stains.

Besides that, it is also lightweight which makes many factories love to use it for making sport shirts. Polyester has a relatively small probability of shrinking. Even if you wash it often, it does not shrink easily.

The color doesn’t fade easily either. Because it is derived from synthetic fibers, this material does not often fluctuate compared to natural ones such as cotton.

Based on what is polyester fabrics, maby manufacturers can easily mix this textile with other fibers. The aim is to get more benefits and achieve a better final product.

Don’t worry about this fabric care since it is so easy. You may wash it by hand or using a washing machine. The fiber is so strong based on the explanation of what is polyester fabric above.

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