What is Tencel Fabric | Everything You Need to Know, Here is The Review

Many people are more aware of the environment so many fabric choices are environmentally friendly. One of the fabrics that are environmentally friendly and sourced sustainably is Tencel fabric. Then, what is Tencel fabric and what is this fabric made of?

It is a truly eco-friendly fabric and is often substituted for silk or cotton. Tencel fabric is quickly becoming a popular fabric and is highly favored for its positive properties and versatility. If you want to know more about Tencel fabric, here is the review:

What Is Tencel Fabric?

What is Tencel Fabric

One of the fabrics that rival cotton in terms of softness, durability, and breathability is Tencel fabric. The fabric is popular for its extremely soft feel and sustainable fashion used widely.

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In short, the production method for Tencel fabric is that manufacturers take the wood pulp and dissolve it in a chemical solvent. Then, push it through the extruder to form the fiber.

Furthermore, most manufacturers produce this fabric using less toxic chemicals and in the production process resulting in minimal waste. Generally, it also uses wood from trees in forests that are harvested sustainably.

What Is Tencel Fabric Made Of?

What is Tencel Fabric

One of the most sustainable fabrics on the market is Tencel. Generally, this fabric is spun from the wood pulp of the Eucalyptus tree. In the process of spinning this fabric, the manufacturer uses a special type of environmentally friendly solvent.

Therefore, Tencel fabric is quite environmentally friendly because it requires less energy and water to produce it than other fabrics in the same category. Furthermore, this fabric is biodegradable.

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