What is Ponte Fabric | Here is What You Need to Know

This fabric is soft, stretchy, and knitted, can hold its shape, rarely wrinkles, is comfortable, and does not fade. What is Ponte fabric and what is it used for? We will explain that to you.

What is Ponte Fabric

About Ponte Fabric

Originally this fabric was from Italy in the late 1960s. It was used for designer clothing. The full real name is Ponte de Roma or Bridge of Rome. This is due to the pattern of the interlocked yarns, like Roman bridges.

Ponte fabric is thick because it has a double layer, known as a stable knit. It has structure, comfortable stretch, and an excellent drape. This fabric is available in different weights: light, medium, and heavyweight.

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The double knits create the fabric with a similar look on both sides, so it is considered reversible. However, this double knit has limited stretch, although that gives this fabric more structure and better drape.

But Ponte fabric can stretch more because of the rayon, polyester, and spandex blend. This makes Ponte fabric versatile to make for many kinds of purposes.

Maintenance is also easy with this fabric. You can wash it with cold water and air dry it if possible. When using a dryer, use a cool setting and a short period.

How Ponte Fabric was Made

What is Ponte fabric made of? It is a blend of synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers. You can find a mix of polyester, rayon, and spandex in the knit. Sometimes also with viscose, which is a natural fiber derived from wood pulp.

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It is also coming in different weights. The lightweight Ponte is usually for garments with a drape. The heavyweight is also known as scuba fabric. This fabric is a Ponte double knit mixed with a little neoprene.

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