10 Types of Best Fabric for Underwear You Should Know

The best fabric for underwear are made from synthetic or natural materials. You can adjust the fabric based on your needs, such as for daily activities to exercise.

Breathable and comfortable materials are the reasons for choosing underwear. To better understand, here are some types of fabrics that are the main materials for underwear.

Types of Natural Fabric for Underwear

Natural materials are the best fabric for underwear for men and women. This fabric known for its comfortability, doesn’t hold on to heat, and prevents moisture. These are the types of natural fabrics for making underwear, including:

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1. Cotton

Fabric for Underwear

Cotton is a type of fiber that are mostly consist of polymers or cellulose. This fabric is ideal material to make a comfortable underwear that you can use every day.

In addition, the gentle and soft material can help prevent skin from irritation. Cotton is also a very breathable fabric that can prevent the formation of excessive heat and moisture.

2. Linen

Fabric for Underwear

This type of fabric is actually from the flax plant which is durable in materials. Most linen comes from countries such as Belgium, where the climate and soil are suitable for growing high-quality flax.

Linen is biodegradable and recyclable, which makes it environmentally friendly. This fabric can also be washed in the washing machine without changing its shape and strength. In addition, the linen is more comfortable and will be softer.

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3. Silk

Fabric for Underwear

Silk is the best fabric of underwear with smooth and shiny characteristics. Silkworms are used as material for making this type of fabric, so the price is a little more expensive.

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