What Is A Woven Fabric and The Characteristics You Should Know

If you’re wondering what is a woven fabric? It consists of different materials that share similar characteristics. Woven fabric is made by weaving the individual fibers together in the process rather than knitting them.

The fabric can be made from any type of fiber including flannel, denim, velvet, etc. So, here is some information about woven fabric and its characteristics you should know.

What Is A Woven Fabric

What Is A Woven Fabric?

There are two main factors when creating a fabric. The first is the type of fiber that will be made from polyester, silk, cotton, etc. The second is how to put the fibers together, either woven or knit.

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What is a woven fabric? It refers to the way material was created, not what it is made of. Woven is known as a fabric that was made on a loom in the process.

The process is by weaving two or more threads at the right angles together, either of different or the same fibers. It will create a specific characteristic and texture in the fabric, but it depends on the type of material.

What Is A Woven Fabric

The Characteristics of Woven Fabrics

The exact appearance, texture, and care instructions for woven will be different depending on the type of fibers. However, the characteristics of woven fabric are still the same. Here are several characteristics of woven as follows:

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1. Stretch

Woven may not be as stretchy as a knit fabric. This fabric mostly stretches diagonally unless they contain elastic fibers to increase stretchiness. A looser weave or a lower thread will have more stretch than fabrics that are tightly woven.

2. Texture

The texture of woven fabrics depends on the material made of the fibers. Generally, this fabric tends to have a rough texture instead of being soft.

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