What Is Corduroy Fabric and All of the Making Process

What Is Corduroy Fabric

  1. Cutting of Pile Yarn

After everything is glued and the sewing process is also neat, there must be some parts that are excessive and make some threads come to the surface. So there is also a special process in the form of cutting of the pile yarn to make it neat.

  1. Dyeing

What is corduroy fabric for the beginning is just the basic color of the thread, for a unique and attractive look there must be a special color. Applying a visual facer to the corduroy will make a higher selling point, and is also great for appearance.

  1. Used

And after the dyeing process, overall corduroy is ready to use. There are many products from this material that are suitable for the style. With the right use of corduroy, the appearance will be more modern and comfortable.

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Starting in the 18th century, corduroy has become one of the most popular markets and industries. Many furniture, accessories, and apparel have used corduroy. What is corduroy fabric will provide characteristics that are full of comfort.


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