3 Types of Stretchy Fabric Usually Used for Sports Shirt

Although it has often been used as a basic material for sports clothing, there are still many people who do not know the types of stretchy fabric. Will you be one of them? If so, our discussion below can be the answer.

Fabrics have various types that are distinguished from their characteristics. Some are suitable for use in summer, and some are suitable for use in winter. That way you can be more comfortable even if you have to move when the weather is hot or cold.

However, there is one fabric that is used to make sportswear because it has stretchy characteristics and dries quickly and is easier to absorb sweat. Besides being used to make sportswear, this type of fabric is also suitable for use in the summer or when you visit a country with a tropical climate.

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Curious about the types of stretchy fabric that you often use to make sportswear? Just read our discussion below carefully so that you can get the full answer.

Types of Stretchy Fabric


The Advantages of Stretchy Fabric When Used To Make Sports Wear

Several types of stretchy fabric that are commonly used to make sports are also chosen for no reason. This type of material was chosen because it has a material that is certainly comfortable and also suitable for use when carrying out strenuous physical activities.

The first advantage of stretchy fabric is that the fabric is smooth with a soft surface so it is comfortable to wear. In exercising, of course, you will do physical activities that make the skin often rub against clothes.

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If the clothes have rough fabric characteristics, it is possible that your skin will be irritated and even injured. In addition, stretchy fabric also has other characteristics, namely it can absorb sweat and dry quickly.

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