8 Popular Types Of Socks For Both Women And Men

Different from other fashion outfits such as shirts, pants, and jackets, socks are hidden and an afterthought. Except for the appearance of the socks, each sock has different types of socks according to the material, length, and quality.

However, except for the material used, each sock has a different performance such as length, texture, color, and style. Therefore, different types will have a different finished look too.

Types Of Socks

The Function Of Socks

Although socks are usually hidden, they have a huge function in warming the feet, especially in cool weather. However, not only warmth but the socks are also moisture-wicking that can absorb the sweat on the feet.

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Different materials of socks will have different functions according to the weather they use. Woll, acrylic, and cashmere are used in snow or very cool weather which can provide warmth to the feet.

Meanwhile, the spandex and nylon have a stretch texture that is thinner than wool that is suitable to use in the summer. Moreover, some socks function to protect the toe areas and restrain the feet from pain.

Types Of Socks

8 Types of Socks

Unlike other accessories, socks are hidden and cannot be seen. However, they have many types according to the style and the material used such as the following paragraphs.

1. Knee High Socks

Types Of Socks

The types of socks are various and one of them is knee-high socks. If other styles cannot be seen or hidden, the knee-high socks have a long shape that can be seen clearly.

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Knee socks are usually used for athletes because of the added support. Moreover, these socks can improve circulation in the legs and have good moisture abilities.

2. Calf Socks

Types Of Socks

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