6 Most Popular Types Of Collars On Jackets You Need to Know

When we think about jacket collars, the result is probably a heavy and thick collar style. However, the types of collars on jackets are not as simple as a heavy and thick collar.

There are many types of jacket collars that can match any kind of body type. In this case, the collar types can determine how a human looks in horizontal lines.

Types Of Collars On Jackets

How Important The Suitable Jacket’s Collar On The Look

Someone may think that the performance of clothing is not too important to consider, especially in wearing a jacket. However, wearing a jacket is also a part of fashion style which gives a perfect final look of the performance.

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Having a suit collar on the jacket can determine the performance of someone. However, as the previous explanation said that the wider the collar style the clearer the horizontal lines of humans.

Based on that explanation, having a suitable collar, including the types of collars on jackets, is important. People should consider their best collar type based on their body types.

The Types Of Jacket Collars For Various Body Types

There are many kinds of body types with different highlights and postures. By this fact, people should determine their best outfit through collars on a jacket to get a perfect look such as the following information mentioned.

1. The Flat Collars

Types Of Collars On Jackets

The common type of collar, especially used for jacket collars, is the flat collar. These types can give the semi-formal look to a casual look that covers the neckline and protects someone from the cold.

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Another fact about the flat collar is that is not as warm as the fur type. Moreover, this type is a basic type of collar style which suits all body shapes.

2. The Standing Collars

Types Of Collars On Jackets

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