7 Types Of Belt Buckles With Different Shapes You Should Know

A belt is a kind of men’s accessory that is usually used as a fashion complement. Except for the main purpose to hold the pants, many types of belt buckles bring fashion style and increase performance.

Different belt buckles are usually used for different occasions such as parties, events, work, or daily uses. Such as other accessories, belt buckles are made from various materials of different shapes and types.

Types Of Belt Buckles

The Materials of Belt Buckle

Talking about the material used to make the belt buckles, many kinds of metal are usually applied as the materials. On the market today, the different types of belt buckles are made of different types of metal too.

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However, examples of the metal materials of belt buckles are titanium, carbon fiber, stainless steel, and others. In this case, the best materials for belt buckles are nickel free which can provide the best quality of belt buckles also.

The Various Types Of Belt Buckles

According to the shapes, they have various types and different finished looks of belt buckles. The following paragraph will show detailed information on belt buckles’ types based on the shapes.

1. Single Tongue

Types Of Belt Buckles

The most simple and popular belt buckle is the single tongue style. It has one prong and one side only which makes the single tongue look very simple.

However, although this belt buckle has one prong only, it doesn’t lose its tie power as a belt. It is as tight as other belt buckles that are suitable for use on any kind of occasion both formal and informal.

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2. Double Tongue

Types Of Belt Buckles

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