5 Types Of Collars On Sweaters And The Yarn Used! You Should Know!

A sweater is clothing that is made from yarn by the knitting or crocheting process. However, many designs can be used such as the types of collars on sweaters according to the yarn applied.

Different yarns will have different textures and weights for the sweater. Some yarn may look heavy or too light to create some types of collars which can make it strange and uncomfortable to use.

Types Of Collars On Sweaters 6

The Technique of Making a Sweater

However, making a sweater can be a complicated thing to do or a very simple thing to do based on the technique used. There are some techniques for creating sweaters including the types of collars on sweaters.

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1. Manual Knitting

Sometimes, having nice collars on the sweater depends on the design and the sense of the artist. In this manual knitting process, the types of collars on sweaters are also important, especially to create a beautiful sweater look.

The manual knitting process of making a sweater will produce a hand-made sweater with a special touch that is different from others. Meanwhile, the collars can be created in any kind of type and style based on the sense of the artist.

2. Manual Crocheting

The second sweater-making technique is manual crocheting. This technique is almost the same as the previous technique which uses a manual process or handmade. The difference between manual knitting and manual crocheting is the patterns and the tools used.

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Both can have any type of collar on sweaters based on the design created by the crochet artist. However, the types of collars may choose wisely according to the yarn used and the design of the crochet.

3. Instants Knitting

Different from the previous technique, instant knitting uses a machine as the knitting tool. Meanwhile, this design is not unique because the sweaters that are created can be the same as one another.

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