8 Types of Wallets for Women and Men + How to Choose The Best Wallet

A wallet is one of the most useful accessories a man or woman can carry. Then, you can find many types of wallets, which have various designs, styles, materials, and sizes.

Each wallet has its own uses and features that you can choose according to your needs. If you are curious about the variations of wallets and how to choose the right wallet, here is the review:

Types of Wallets

Types of Wallets for Women and Men

A wallet is an important part, more than just an accessory. However, to find the right wallet, you should know the types of wallets. Below is a list of various kinds of men’s and women’s wallets:

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1. Bi-fold Wallet

Types of Wallets

This is a simple wallet and the size is neither too big nor too small making it perfect for both women and men. Generally, this wallet is square and you can fold it in half.

Types of Wallets

Moreover, this wallet has a long open pocket and you can use it for any money. There are also several slots that you can use to put in ID cards, credit cards, receipts, and so on.

Some bi-fold wallets also have a coin purse inside. Because this wallet has a slim profile, you can easily put it in your pants or jacket pocket.

2. Large Wallet

Types of Wallets

Types of Wallets FOR MENTypes of Wallets FOR MEN

This is one of the types of wallets that have many internal compartments. Despite its length, this wallet is perfect for you to put in your jacket pocket. This wallet also has a pocket large enough to accommodate all sizes of currency.

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3. Tri-fold Wallet

Types of Wallets

If you need a wallet that can accommodate a lot of stuff in a small space, this is the perfect wallet for you. As the name implies, this is a wallet that has two folds that you can fold to close the wallet.

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