13 Types of Sweatpants and the Materials that Made Them

The origin of sweatpants was in the 1920s as the replacement for trousers used for athletes. Since then, many people use many types of sweatpants for sports activities. Not only that, people now like to wear it for comfort as well.

Types of Sweatpants

There are many types of sweatpants available in the market today. Either by design or by their style. You can choose the one that fits you more and makes you comfortable. Here are the popular sweatpants you can choose from.

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1. Basic Length Sweatpants

Types of Sweatpants

This type of sweatpants is the common type. You can wear it the casual way with sneakers or flats. Sometimes even with boots if you want. Basic length can be easy to wear for many occasions.

2. Cropped Sweatpants

Types of Sweatpants

This is also called capri pants. Usually, the length is down to mid-calf. You can wear it for workouts or casual wear. The waistband can be elastic or drawstring, so it is easy to wear. Look good with sneakers or flats.

3. Drawstring Sweatpants

Types of Sweatpants

Most people like this type of sweatpants due to the flexibility of the waist. So, it is deemed comfortable for casual or for comfort at home.

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4. Elastic Cuff Sweatpants

Types of Sweatpants 4

Usually, regular sweatpants have a loose cuff at the end. But this type has an elastic cuff that can make it a bit tighter around the ankle. It will give a classier look but still be comfortable as well.

5. Elastic Waist Sweatpants

Types of Sweatpants
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