7 Types Of Scarves Which Have Different Material

What kind of accessories possibly create women’s fashion? That’s probably the scarves. However, there are various types of scarves that have different materials and the way it’s used.

Moreover, the scarf is a simple accessory that creates women’s fashion. Meanwhile, women like to wear the scarf because of the simple way to use the scarf and it doesn’t need much effort to use and take off the scarf.

What Made The Scarves?

The Types Of Scarves

The scarf is made from fabric material which is the same as other clothing materials such as cotton, silk, and chiffon. However, the fabric is the same even though the design and the shape are different from the clothing.

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Moreover, the types of scarves are various with any kind of design, color, pattern, and measurement. However, all the types will have the same function as the accessories which can warm the neck or the body.

The Types Of Scarves

Talking about the types of scarves are wide based on the material used. The following paragraph will explain the types of scarf which are divided by the material used.

1. Chiffon Scarf

Types Of Scarves

Usually used as a clothing product, chiffon has been used as the basic material of the scarf. Among the types of scarves, the chiffon scarf is the most light-weight and airy scarf other types existed.

Moreover, the look of this scarf is super chic, semi-mesh weaves, and elegant. The chiffon scarf usually has a beautiful chiffon pattern and color.

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2. Cotton Scarf

Types Of Scarves

The second beautiful type is the cotton scarf which is the most versatile accessory. The cotton scarf is called versatile, because people can wear the cotton scarf together with any kind of fashion style.

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