Different Parts Of Shirts And The Function You Should Know

The most popular clothing around the world with various designs and patterns is the shirt. Like other clothes, a shirt has some parts of shirts which have different functions, designs, and others.

Shirts are available in 2 categories such as women’s shirts and men’s shirts with the same parts but different shapes, cutting, measurement, and design. However, from the whole appearance, both have similar looks but are actually different at all.

The Difference Between Men’s Shirts And Women’s Shirts

As the previous explanation said that women’s shirts and men’s shirts have similarities and differences at the same time.  The similarity between them is the parts of shirts, while the difference is the design, cutting, measurement, shape, and others.

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However, the most eye-catching parts which differ between both women’s shirts and men’s shirts are the collar and the sleeves. Women’s shirts usually have unique cutting and beautiful shapes of sleeves and collars while men’s shirts have a simple design.

The collar of women’s shirts usually has various types such as a round collar, square collar, V-neck collar, turtleneck, cowl collar, and others. Meanwhile, the men may have a less varied type than the women’s shirts.

According to the sleeve, women’s sleeves will be wider or smaller depending on the design of the shirts except for having the same parts. On the other hand, men’s sleeves will have a simple sleeve design with no accessories.

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The Parts of Shirts And Its Functions

The Parts of Shirts And Its Functions

Both women’s shirts and men’s shirts have some parts which have different functions for each part. The following paragraph will mention and explain some shirt’s parts including the functions of each part.

1. Collar

parts of shirts

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