8 Popular Types Of Socks For Both Women And Men

However, because of the cost of the wool, these socks now aren’t made from wool only but also other materials.

7. Thigh High Socks

Types Of Socks

To create a nice dress fashion, women usually use thigh-high socks as accessories. These types of socks are long above the knees.

However, they are not too long and look perfect in short dresses or one-piece dresses. They are not only used as accessories but also can warm the legs stylishly.

8. No Show Socks

Types Of Socks

Different from the previous types, the no-show socks are fully hidden and cannot show at all inside the shoes. Moreover, these socks are used for flat shoes, outdoor shoes, boat shoes, and loafers.

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That’s all the information on the 8 types of socks with different styles and lengths. All the socks have different functions with different styles that match the time when they are usually worn.


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