Important! What Is Pima Cotton And What Makes It Different?

Cotton is a popular material that is usually used as the main material or additional material to create fabric. However, people always argue about what is Pima cotton and compare it with other cotton-based materials.

In this case, there are many cotton base materials with different characteristics. Such as other kinds of cotton, Pima cotton has a special side that makes it different from the others.

However, the differences in Pima cotton are not the lack or the bad side. That is a kind of unique or special thing of the Pima cotton itself.

What Is Pima Cotton

What’s Made The Pima Cotton

Known as a part of cotton, many people are curious about what is Pima cotton. Common information said that Pima cotton has soft fabric made from long fiber cotton amounts 200-300 possible variations. However, this product has a long history worldwide you should know.

The first production of Pima cotton is in the USA. However, the USA is not the biggest exporter of this fabric. Besides, the biggest producer and exporter of Pima cotton is Chia which produces any kind of color, pattern, and others.

It has a long process of production, seed picking, condensing, mixing, carding, combing, winding, spinning, and also weaving. Pima cotton has been made for centuries until now.

It starts from the seed like other kinds of cotton material. However, this cotton is suitable for making in tropical and subtropical regions.

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What Is Pima Cotton

The Characteristic Of Pima Cotton

Every fabric has a unique characteristic which will be the differences between that fabric to another fabric. In this case, the Pima cotton also has a special characteristic that will be explained completely in the following paragraph.

1. Breathable Fabric

Pima cotton has cotton as the main material. As a common characteristic of cotton, the Pima cotton has a breathable characteristic which makes it comfortable to use as a wearable material such as clothes and many others.

Moreover, this fabric is also used as the material for bedroom uses such as pillowcases, bed covers, and others. So, it will make you feel more relaxed and reduce the stress because it’s good quality fabric.

2. High Moisture-Wicking Abilities

There is a reason why this fabric is used as the material for wearable products. However, the Pima cotton has a comfortable texture that has high moisture abilities that is comfortable to use as a wearable product.

3. High Cost

Pima cotton is a part of the most comfortable fabrics to use for some products. Commonly used in industrial production, Pima cotton has a high cost which means that it is used for luxury products only with the comfortable aspect.

The Product Of Pima Fabric

As a high-cost fabric, the Pima fabric is usually used as the material of the luxury product that is popular. The following paragraph will explain the product of Pima fabric in an industrial setting.

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1. T-Shirt

What Is Pima Cotton

Some people may consider the comfortable point of the product which has a comfortable texture, breathable fabric, and moisture-wicking ability. According to this issue, the T-shirt with Pima fabric will give high quality and luxury products with a comfortable texture.

2. Underwear

What Is Pima CottonWhat Is Pima Cotton

As the previous explanation mentioned, the Pima fabric has breathable fabric, and it will be suitable to use as the underwear base material. The breathable fabric is suitable and categorized as a healthy fabric for underwear.

It will provide a comfortable feeling that makes the skin possible to breathe. Hence, someone will feel comfortable while using the underwear made from the Pima fabric.

3. Bedsheet

What Is Pima Cotton

The information about what is Pima cotton can be the best answer to ask according to the variety of cotton itself. However, this high-quality cotton has many luxurious characteristics that make it suitable to use as any kind of product.

One of the most popular products using the Pima fabric is the bedsheet product. The bedsheet product means wider items such as pajamas, bedcover, sleepwear, and many others which are comfortable to use and create a deep sleep for the user.

This is the last explanation to answer the question of what is Pima cotton. It makes sense for many people curious about the Pima fabric because of the high-quality aspect and the high price of the product.


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