32+ Types of Cotton Fabric for Any Kind of Uses

Types of cotton fabric also come with 4 widely used heavy-weight types. Easily used for more hard-wearing items, such as:

Canvas A plain weave and durable cotton. It is very strong for outdoor items. Machine washable and needs a hot iron while still damp.
Corduroy Known for the ribs or cords in the weave, known as wales. This is a warm fabric with the ridges running lengthwise. Machine washable and warm to hot heat iron on the backside.
Denim Used for hard-wearing items because it is durable. Machine washable. But the color may run so it is better to wash it separately.
Towelling The uncut loops of thread on the surface make it very absorbent. Machine washable and needs a hot iron.
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There are many types of cotton fabric available for any purpose. The reason is the characteristics of cotton itself. Which are absorbent, easy to care for, comfortable, and can be mixed with other fibers.

Meta description: types of cotton fabric has many different kinds depending on the weight. From light to heavy-weight, they have many uses and many kinds of purposes.

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