Know What is Herringbone Fabric and its Specifications

You might have seen it, but what is herringbone fabric? Its cloth is well known in the fashion world, especially for men. Although due to its unique name, most people might have not heard about it.

Turns out, herringbone can be produced by many different fabrics. Its name tends to represent a certain type of weave. Usually it is made by using wool.

Due to its unusual pattern, many forms have adapted this style such as floor, or any other household furniture. The patterns are shaped like a prominent letter of ‘V’.

This material is one of the likable types of fabrics in the community. Factors such as unique, and elegance are the reasons why it became people’s favorite one.

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What is Herringbone Fabric 3

What is Herringbone Fabric?

To answer the question of what is herringbone fabric, you have to know the origin of this cloth. As it was said before, it is shaped like a letter ‘V’ which has vertical sections of diagonal lines that alternately run in the right- and left-hand directions.

Its pattern has the similarity with the backbone of a herring fish. To your knowledge, that is why it was called ‘Herringbone’.

It is common knowledge of this pattern used by men’s suits, or any other type of formal men’s clothing. While for women, it is also frequent to be seen in dresses or gowns.

For the choice of fabrics, it is entirely up to each customer. Factors of cloth that are usually taken into consideration are the thickness, softness, and its elegance. There are many options that you can choose to fulfill your fashion style, whether it is formal or non-formal.

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