6 Best Fabric for Tie Dye and A Guide to Choose the Right Material

Choosing the best fabric for tie dye especially for a beginner is quite confusing. The lack of experiences and technique mastery is the main reason.

Natural fabric is the best option for beginner cause of its advantages. But natural fabrics are usually more expensive, so natural-synthetic blends can be a beginner’s solution. Here is the description of natural and natural-synthetic blend fabrics.

The Description of Natural Fabric for Tie Dye

Natural fabric is the easiest option for beginners because synthetic fabric requires special dye. So, it may be difficult for beginners because they have lack of mastery. Here are some natural fabrics for tie dye products:

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1. Cotton Jersey

Best Fabric for Tie Dye

The fabric texture like absorbent and soft also plays an important role during the dye process. Cotton has a high absorbency and can absorb fabric dye better than other fabrics.

Also, it is easy to swirl so it makes the tie dye process more efficient. This product also widely used for shirt. This material is not easy to fade and can hold color for a long time.

2. Cotton and Hemp Blends

Best Fabric for Tie Dye

This material has two kind of good fabrics so it can be classify as the best fabric for tie dye. This fabric works well for tie dyeing and it is a sustainable fabric. The texture of this fabric is gentle and breathable.

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Since this type of fabric is heathered, it may affect the after dye process. This fabric is very suitable for someone who love speckled look.

3. Cotton Muslin

Best Fabric for Tie Dye

Not all cotton fabrics are expensive. This type of cotton is very affordable and suitable for small-budget production. So, this fabric is very suitable for beginners if there is a mistake during the dye process.

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