Knowledge about What Is Polycotton and What Is Used for

Polycotton is one of the fabrics that has been widely used in various countries, but do you know what is polycotton? What are these popular types of fabric used for? To find out the answer, you can listen to our discussion below.

Currently there are many types of fabrics available in the market. Each of these fabrics also has various characteristics that make it both advantages and disadvantages of the cloth.

Among these types of fabric, there is one that is a favorite of many people because of the various advantages it has. The name of the fabric is polycotton, do you know what is polycotton?

As the name implies, polycotton is also a type of fabric made from cotton which is processed using certain machines and methods. To find out more about polycotton, here we present a review.

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what is polycotton

What Is Polycotton?

Polycotton fabric is a combination of polyester and cotton fabrics. Polycotton is actually nothing but a brand, actually his real name is double hycon. This polycotton fabric is a mixture of synthetic polyester fabric with natural cotton (cotton).

The combination of the two materials produces a smooth and soft fabric product. Therefore this fabric is very suitable to be used to make clothes that are comfortable and hot when worn even when the weather is hot.

Polycotton is often compared to other types of fabric, namely voal. However, polycotton has superior characteristics, namely in terms of its smoothness and softness.

In addition, polycotton material is also not easily wrinkled, not hot when used, so it is suitable to be made into clothing products for all types of weather. Therefore, polycotton fabric is often used as a hijab-making material because it has soft and smooth characteristics.

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