The Differences Between Satin vs Sateen You Should Know

Every fabric has different characteristics including satin vs sateen. Both may have a similar name, however, they are different in some way with some unique characteristics.

Those fabrics not only have different characteristics in detail but have different materials and functions also. Here are the detailed characteristics that make satin and sateen fabrics different.

1. Sateen is Thicker

People who didn’t know sateen before will argue that satin vs sateen is two same fabrics with a different spelling. Both have some detail differences which can be called the same fabric.

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Technically, sateen is thicker than satin because it’s made by a weaving technique that uses four or more yarns as the basic materials. Indeed, the yarns used are rayon, cotton, and polyester or fully produced with 100% cotton with premium quality.

2. Satin is Single Weaving Made

While sateen is made by four weft tread weaving techniques, satin is made by weaving with a single weft thread. However, this fabric has a unique pattern that is a weaving pattern.

It is known that sateen is thicker than satin. However, both are made from premium fibers as the basic materials which make sateen and satin look luxurious and beautiful.

3. Both Has Different Texture

Both  of them has 2 similar names which makes people confused and difficult to differentiate between those fabrics. However, if people see their detailed characteristics, both have different textures.

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The texture of satin is shinier than sateen with a weaving pattern. Meanwhile, the sateen has become thicker. Heavier, and warmer texture than satin with a luxurious look.

4. Both Are Made from Different Fibers

Every fabric has its uniqueness and is made from different combinations of fibers. Both sateen and satin are made from two different fibers with different combinations too.

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