6 Most Popular Cowboy Hat Types You Need to Know

Cowboy hats are a popular and iconic fashion item since they were invented over 150 years ago. There are several cowboy hat types like Cattleman, Gambler, Brick, etc. However, these styles vary by brim and crease which makes them unique.

The most common materials to use are leather, felt, and straw. Not only being a functional, and practical piece, the cowboy hat also became a fashion statement. So, here’s the complete list of the different types of cowboy hats.

1. Cattleman

Cowboy Hat Types

The Cattleman is one of the most popular cowboy hat types. It is also the oldest and most traditional style that begins when ranch owners want to look different from rodeo riders.

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The hat has a taller and narrower crown that is sized around four to five inches. There is a single crease in the crown located down the middle with two creases on both sides.

However, a hat with a larger crown was beneficial for cowboys when it was windy or rainy so you could pull it down further. Cattleman is primarily worn at formal events like weddings, parties, etc.

Besides, Cattleman is a popular style in straw and felt with different variations. Brick and Biggs are common variations of the Cattleman which has some uniqueness and is beneficial.

2. Pinched Front

Cowboy Hat Types

This hat is known as a classic western style that combines two common crowns. You can find the diamond, and the tear-drop crown with partial dents on both sides of the pinched front hat.

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The form of the crown is slightly similar to trilbies, formal fedoras, and outback-style hats. However, the pinched front has a wider and more traditional brim that generally curls up and has straw in style.

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