5 Things About Polyester vs Microfiber, What Is The Difference

Polyester vs microfiber is a popular material mainly for clothing and household fabrics. Both fabrics have a minor difference like microfiber is thinner than polyester. Also, these fabrics contain synthetic fibers.

However, both fabrics are inexpensive, easy to care for, and have good durability. So, here’s the thing about polyester and microfiber you need to know.

1. Durability

Polyester tends to be a durable fabric due to its material. The fabrics are resistant to stains, wrinkling, and shrinking. However, polyester lasts for a long time if taken care of properly.

Meanwhile, microfiber is not as durable as polyester since it’s made up of smaller fibers. These fabrics need more care to make sure that their durability lasts longer. However, microfiber still has a high durability level.

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2. Breathability

There is some level of breathability in both polyester vs microfiber. In this case, microfiber has greater breathability than polyester. Polyester is a lightweight fabric with a close weave so it doesn’t trap moisture easily.

This fabric may not be very breathable but it has a high level of moisture-wicking qualities. Besides, polyester is popular for activewear and sportswear.

Different from polyester, microfiber is slightly more breathable and doesn’t wick away moisture. You can find this fabric in bed sheets since the material keeps the person from getting hot while sleeping.

3. Warmth

Both microfiber and polyester offer you very warm materials. Generally, polyester traps air and keeps it from circulating so you can feel cool to the touch. While microfiber can trap air inside due to its softness.

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