What Is Polyamide Fabric, Properties, and The Different Types

Do you have a lot of synthetic fabrics in your closet? Maybe in your closet, there is a polyamide fabric because many clothes use this synthetic fabric. Then, what is polyamide fabric?

Many people call this synthetic fabric nylon because of its durable nature. Therefore, swimwear, outerwear, and tights usually use this fabric. The following is a review of what is polyamide fabric, what are its properties, and some of its types:

What Is Polyamide Fabric

What Is Polyamide Fabric?

This is a synthetic polymer fabric because it is made of plastic and the base is petroleum. Very long and heavy molecules with repeating units linked by amide bonds are what make this fabric.

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Moreover, polyamide fabric was one of the first synthetic fabrics invented before the first world swimmer. Then, in 1983, the American chemical company DuPont mass-produced it for commercial use. In 1945, this fabric represented a 25% share of the global textile market, but its interest gradually declined.

This is because Crude oil is a material for making polyamides. And then, in the 1970s there was an environmental movement to curb the production of these textiles.

Currently, these fabrics represent approximately 12% of global synthetic fiber production and it is expected that its market share will continue to decline over time. Even so, the benefits of the unique polyamide fabric make it always exist.

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What Is Polyamide Fabric

What Is Polyamide Fabric Properties?

After you understand what is polyamide fabric, you should also know what the properties of the material are. This is because polyamide fabric has unique properties so many textiles, clothing, and footwear industries apply it like polyester.

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