What is Lyocell Fabric and How to Take Care of It Properly?

When discussing fabric variations, the discussion about what is lyocell fabric will definitely arise. With the beauty displayed, it is no wonder this is one of the favorites. But have you found a way to take care of the fabric properly?

Lyocell has first introduced 30 years ago as a plant-based fiber. After that, this fabric is then intended for clothing, mainly because of the softer textile characteristics. There are even some people who say that Lyocell is Miracle Fabric.

With the popularity of sustainable fashion, lyocell is the product of this eco-friendly demand. Using ethical wool, organic cotton, and vegan leather is an illustration for those who want to understand Lyocell and more details.

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To find out precisely what Lyocell is, we will dive into the specific of this type of fabric. It was first developed by American Enka in 1972 and has now grown to become one of the top choices. So, let’s dive into this fabric and know how to take care of them.

What Is Lyocell Fabric and How to Take Care

What is Lyocell Fabric

In general, Lyocell is a sustainable type of fabric, and in the fashion industry, it continues to be the one with the most extensive management. Lyocell seems like a piece of fabric with details that stick together and can bring excellence to the wearer.

And what is Lyocell fabric made and starts with wood, mostly a eucalyptus or oak. After being harvested, the user will ground it into a pulp by dissolving it by chemical amine oxide. What remains here is the mixture with white lyocell fibers emerges there.

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