What Is Polyamide Fabric, Properties, and The Different Types

Many commercial products use aliphatic polyamides, for example, industrial environments often use PA6 and PA66. Other applications of this type of polyamide are in tire reinforcement, clothing, seat belts, and carpets.

3. Aromatic Polyamides

If you compare it to aliphatic, these polyamides are more expensive. This is because the amount of production tends to be low. Products that use this polyamide are bulletproof vests because of their heat resistance and extra strength.

Because of its heat resistance, asbestos substitutes are also used. Moreover, the aviation industry and military applications also often use aramid polyamide.

4. Polyphthalamide

It is a semi-aromatic polyamide group and is slightly less expensive than the other full aromatics. Motorcycle spare parts, heat shields, bushings, air coolers, or fuel line connectors use polyphthalamide. This is because this type of polyamide can withstand extended exposure to harsh chemicals or high temperatures.

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Now you know what is polyamide fabric, what its properties are, and some of its types. You may be surprised because this fabric is also often used in places you did not expect. This is because it is a versatile fabric and will be a part of everyday life for many years.


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