6 Best Fabric for Swimwear You Should Check Out

A high-quality and best fabric for swimwear mostly made of natural and synthetic fibers. Swimwear tends to be comfortable, durable, and elastic in materials. It also has water-resistance or moisture-wicking properties.

In addition, the swimwear with synthetic fabric is usually more expensive than other materials. Here is the list of fabrics that use for swimwear and bathing costumes you need to know.

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What Material Are Swimsuits Made Of?

Most swimsuits used natural fibers before the invention of synthetic fibers. Wool is one of the most popular fabrics to use because of its elasticity, and affordability. Wool tends to soak up water, it can stretch out and become heavy.

Sustainable materials like a combination of wool and polycotton are slowly being used for swimwear. Then, people start to use synthetic materials for better quality swimwear. Synthetic materials are now used in both fashion arenas and competitive sports.

There are types of synthetic materials that are popularly used as swimwear such as polyester and elastane. This material is durable, resistant to sunlight and chlorine, also easy to care for. However, it can dry and tends to fade quickly.

Best Fabric for Swimwear

Natural and synthetic fibers are known as the best fabric for swimwear. It includes polyester, nylon, cotton, PBT, elastane, and others. Here are more explanations about the types of fabric for swimwear:

1. Polyester

Best Fabric for Swimwear

Polyester is one of the most popular fabrics to use in the swimwear and apparel industry. This fabric is soft and very durable.

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It is a good choice for swimwear because it has quick-drying properties and longevity. This fabric is also resistant to moisture, chlorine, and UV light.

However, polyester is known as synthetic fabric which is not sustainable or environmentally friendly. The quality of swimwear may depend on the blend of polyester with other materials.

2. Elastane

Best Fabric for Swimwear

In the late 1950s, this fabric was developed for apparel, especially swimwear. The synthetic material used in elastane is polyurethane.

This fabric is an alternative to rubber that important in industrial applications like shock and heat insulation. Natural fibers or synthetic materials are usually added, to make it elastic and stretch, and also have moisture-wicking properties.

Besides, this best fabric for swimwear can create attractive silhouettes for your body. So, no wonder the price is quite expensive.

3. Nylon

Best Fabric for Swimwear

Nylon or polyamide is a type of fabric that uses primarily in swimwear. It is because nylon has water-resistant, and quick-drying properties.

The fabric is also comfortable and soft with a glossy sheen, which makes it looks so attractive. You can combine it with elastane to create figure-hugging that can help hide body fullness.

Nylon has become a popular material for pools, swimming costumes, and beachwear. On the other hand, this fabric can’t be printed on because the color is easy to bleed.

4. Cotton

Best Fabric for Swimwear

Natural fibers like cotton or wool were historically used to make swimwear or bathing costumes. However, this fabric absorbs water easily so it’s not suitable for regular-use swimwear.

If the swimwear absorbs too much water, it can fall off or even cause the swimmer to sink. The fabric is also easily ruined by sea salt and sun if you wear it daily.

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The combination of bamboo and cotton is used to create retro beach and pool wear that is suitable in hot weather. It also looks good for a towel or uses on a deckchair.

5. PBT

Best Fabric for Swimwear

Polybutylene Terephthalate or PBT is a part of the polyester plastic fiber with natural stretch. Since it’s petroleum-based fibers, so PBT is not environmentally friendly.

The texture is quite inelastic or not too stretchy with a light and smooth feel. In addition, this fabric is still comfortable to wear and resistant to UV lights, chlorine, or moisture, which allows it to dry quickly.

6. Neoprene

Best Fabric for Swimwear

As the best fabric for swimwear, neoprene is categorized as synthetic rubber. This fabric is used for wetsuits as the inner layer of insulating foam. So, it will keep the surfers and divers warm in chilly winter.

When you use a wetsuit it means the water gets stuck to the skin. Then, the body keeps the temperature as the heat warms the water. However, your body remains wet.

This fabric can be uncomfortable to wear in warm weather which can cause overheating. Many divers and surfers wear comfy swimwear underneath it to prevent them from sticking to the skin.

That’s all information about the best fabric for swimwear you should know. Most swimwear use a combination of synthetic and natural fibers. It can create a comfortable and durable swimming costume that you can use regularly.


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