How to Wear a Trucker Hat with Style and Look Cool

A trucker hat is a kind of hat that will give you a stylish look and yet it’s functional as well. How to wear a trucker hat is what we’ll tell you here. Along with other information about this subject.

The trucker hat will give you shade under the sun but can also keep your head warm in the cool climate. It also has many ways to style, regardless of your style. Let’s start the article now.

What is a Trucker Hat?

How to Wear a Trucker

These hats are also called netbacks hats or mesh caps. This is because the trucker hats have mesh backing. Usually about half of the hat, but depending on the design, it can also be just a quarter or even a third.

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The baseball caps also look very similar, but without the mesh on the back. Trucker hats are usually worn by truckers and farmers. Because it can provide shade for the face under the sun.

The front part can be decorated or printed at will, depending on your style. But the function remained, it is functional and yet can be stylish as well.

How to Wear a Trucker Hat?

There are many ways how to wear a trucker hat. The most common is front-facing wear. But sometimes people wear it backward as well. Here is the explanation:

1. Forward-Facing Wear

How to Wear a Trucker Hat 4

This is the most common and traditional way to wear a trucker hat. Which means that the brim of the hat is facing forward. It will give your face shade under the sun or harsh light.

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Your hair can be adjusted by making a low-hanging ponytail, a high ponytail pulled through the back opening, or simply going with a loose or natural look. You can even make a bun with this variation as well. Sometimes you can hide your hair inside the hat.

2. Backward-Facing Wear

How to Wear a Trucker Hat

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