Lycra vs Spandex | What is The Difference? Which is Better?

Many are asking which one to choose between lycra vs spandex. In fact, many also ask this simply because they want to buy directly without knowing what the definition of the two really is and the difference in general.

In the world of clothing made, Lycra and Spandex are at the top of the most popular. Even for certain uses, this material can be the one type that many people will need. Especially about quality, this is known as high-quality made of materials.

Customers who are looking for a type of fabric material must first know what the difference is before choosing one type of fabric. Don’t just use the material for comparison and even before it’s known because someone else has mentioned it.

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What to look for in a fabric is appearance, comfort, and also durability. If there is one element that is not met, it could be an option that must be eliminated. For those who meet these criteria, we choose Lycra and Spandex as options.

Lycra vs Spandex

The Definition of Lycra vs Spandex

First of all, we will discuss the definition first. Spandex is a type of fabric made of fiber known as elastic. Even exceeding the standard, can be breaking the strength and the user must pay attention to every detail of the knitting.

Meanwhile, Lycra is a type of fabric known for its high breathability characteristics. The heat retention is low, but it is very prone to pilling. From this definition, have you been able to figure out what is the difference between the two?

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For lycra vs spandex, the difference lies in the brand name. Both are elastane fabrics and are produced by different manufacturers. In the US, each Elastane product is called Spandex, while elsewhere, the commercial name for this fabric is Lycra.

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