Best Type of Fabric for Curtains and Why You Should Know It

Curtains are one of the sweeteners that must be owned by everyone in their homes, but there are several type of fabric for curtains that are commonly sold in the market and of course many people like it.

Each type of cloth used to make cloth has different characteristics. These kinds of fabrics also certainly have advantages and disadvantages of each which makes it popular with many people.

Not only for making clothes, cloth can also be used to make bags, blankets, and curtains as we will discuss this time. But of course the fabric used to make curtains is different from the fabric that is usually used as a raw material for making clothes.

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This is because the function of curtains today is no longer just a window covering and protecting home furniture from the sun and bad people. But now curtains are also used as a beautiful home decoration.

Curious about what fabrics can be used as raw materials for making curtains? For that, just take a look at the discussion that we have summarized in full below regarding the type of fabric for curtains.

Type of Fabric for Curtains 1

Functions of Use of Home Curtains

Have you ever thought that the design type of fabric for curtains has more and more variations ranging from colors, motifs, materials, to accessories? This is because now the curtain also functions as a home decoration.

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The initial function of the curtain, of course, is to protect it by reducing the sunlight that enters the house. Sun rays especially during the day can be very harmful to our bodies. Sunlight is also a major cause of skin cancer in a person.

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