What is Chambray Fabric | Characteristics, Uses, and Care

Do you want to know what is chambray fabric? In the garments and convection industry, this material is known as a textile which is made from the natural fibers like cotton.

After going through a washing process, this fabric will become really smooth, soft, and durable at the same time. That is why; you can use it for a long time.

The physical look of this material is looked like denim. However, chambray is created into several different colors where they will give a comfortable and cool feeling

Many designers even use these types of fabric as a base material to make a shirt. This maybe quite simple, but you can get a strong elegant taste. That is why, it has the high taste of fashion.

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Chambray Shirt Can be Wore for Many Occasions

The shirt made from this textile is usually lighter because the characteristic is thin. It is especially if you compare it with jeans or denims. That is why; it is suitable for summer or hot season.

If you are looking for the mix and match ideas, wear this shirt with other items such as skinny jeans, jacket, and cropped pants will be great. This shirt is convenient, even for a long journey.

Your look can be more fashionable if you match it with the layered jacket, scarf, cardigan, and sweater. How if you want something more causal? There is an interesting idea to try.

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Based on what is chambray fabric explanation above, it is a smart way to match this shirt with your pencil long pants. Choose the black color and then combines it with boot.

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The Characteristic of Chambray

Maybe you want to know the characteristic in order to differ it with denims. Try to see it in a more detail way. Chambray has a unique typical pattern because it uses the plain weave method.

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