Knowledge about What Is Polycotton and What Is Used for

In addition to the characteristics of polycotton, in the discussion what is polycotton we will also provide a discussion of the advantages possessed by this type of fabric. Curious what are the advantages of this cloth? You can listen to the explanation below.

what is polycotton

Advantages of Polycotton Compared to Other Fabric Types

Polycotton fabric is certainly liked by many people because it has many advantages. Starting from not hot when used, smooth, soft, resistant to mildew, and has an affordable price.

  1. Not hot when used

One of the advantages of the polycotton fabric in the explanation of what is polycotton is that it is not hot when used. This is because this fabric is a blend of soft and smooth cotton.

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Therefore, this type of fabric is very suitable to be used as the right clothes to use when the weather is hot. Polycotton is also often used as a raw material for making Muslim women’s hijabs.

  1. Resistant to mildew

Although this cotton fabric is easy to get moldy, but once mixed with polyester material, the polycotton material will become more resistant to mold. Therefore, the advantage of polycotton fabric is that it is resistant to mildew.

  1. Have an affordable price

Then another advantage of polycotton is that it has an affordable price and can still be bought by almost all people. So it’s no wonder this fabric is liked by many people because of its various advantages.

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Unfortunately this type of fabric is less able to absorb sweat and smells faster than other fabrics. However, this is not so significant when compared to the advantages that have been described in the discussion of what is polycotton.

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