What Is Moleskin Fabric and Why Is It So Popular

One of the fabrics available in the market is moleskin fabric, but do you know what is moleskin fabric? Don’t worry, this fabric is not made from mole animal skin as its name suggests and is a product made from cotton.

Each cloth is also used for various purposes. Such as making clothes, blankets, bags, jackets, and many others. Clothing also of course serves to protect your body from dust, sunlight, sharp objects, and so on.

What Is Moleskin Fabric

However, did you know that there is a type of fabric that has the name moleskin fabric? what is moleskin fabric? Although it has the name moleskin, this fabric is not made from animal skin called real mole.

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But moleskin is a processed cotton product that makes it have a rough texture similar to mole skin. As we all know, moles are a type of animal similar to mice but with long nails that function to dig the soil where they live.

The rough skin texture of this mole makes it similar to moleskin fabric. For those of you who are curious, you can listen to the explanation that we have summarized below regarding the definition of moleskin and what are its uses.

What Is Moleskin Fabric

What Is Moleskin Fabric?

Moleskin fabric is a versatile woven cotton fabric that has a soft side because it has gone through the process of being shaved. This fabric is called moleskin because it has a texture similar to the skin of mole animals that live on the ground.

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Because of its quality, this fabric is also often referred to as one of the softest fabrics on the market. This fabric is a versatile fabric because it can be used to make various products ranging from clothing, to being used for medical purposes.

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