What Is Moleskin Fabric and Why Is It So Popular

Moleskin fabric also has a fairly good resistance because it is not easy to shrink or wrinkle so it can be durable and long lasting if cared for properly. In the discussion of what is moleskin fabric this time, we will also give a little explanation about the history of this fabric.

At the beginning of its appearance this cloth was used by farmers and hunters in Europe during their work. The texture and quality make moleskin fabric quite comfortable to wear, durable, and can help warm the body from cold weather.

What Is Moleskin Fabric

What Is Moleskin Fabric Used For

As mentioned earlier in the discussion of what is moleskin fabric. This fabric is a versatile fabric. Therefore moleskin fabric can be used to make various products.

  1. Medical

Moleskin fabric can be used in the medical world as a bandage or to heal fractures and other injuries to the bone. Therefore, the cloth is called one of the versatile fabrics.

  1. Military

In ancient times the West German army used moleskin fabric as the raw material for making their uniforms. Moleskin fabric is used because it has strong resistance and is able to warm the bodies of soldiers on the battlefield.

  1. Workwear

Then, moleskin fabric is also used to make hazardous occupations for clothing such as gloves and aprons. Again, this fabric was chosen because it has strong resistance even from harmful chemicals to nuclear particles.

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In addition, this fabric can also be used to make casual wear such as shirts and vests. Most of the use of this fabric is based on its ability to withstand any conditions, as discussed in the discussion on what is moleskin fabric.

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